Road Cycling Holiday in the Jura Mountains 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Our Road Cycling Holiday in the Jura Mountains

Escape From the Daily Grind

Our extended road cycling weekend takes us to the French and Swiss mountains. We are based in Goumois – a small town located directly on the French-Swiss border. This border is defined for long stretches by the course of the Doubs river, which also serves to separate Goumois from Doubs. The ownership of this river is shared between France and Switzerland.

Our Hotels

Goumois has little infrastructure. In keeping with the spirit of our multicultural holiday, you have the option of staying in two different hotels, one on the French side of the Doubs and the other on the Swiss side. However, all of our holiday options include an outstanding evening meal at the Taillard hotel.

Taillard Hotel: This is our luxury French hotel. In addition to tasteful well maintained rooms, it also provides an impressive gastronomic experience. It does not have capacity provide accommodation to all of our group, but the kitchen and dining room are big enough for us to be able to dine together. We meet here for the more relaxed aspects of our holiday, for a pre-dinner aperitif, dinner and maybe a game of billiards. This hotel enjoys a fantastic location with incredible views of the dramatic Doubs gorge. The breakfast buffet provided is also the stuff of legend!

Doubs Hotel: A more modest Swiss hotel within easy reach of the Taillard hotel by bike or on foot. A cyclist’s dream providing quiet comfortable accommodation. As mentioned above, aperitifs and an excellent evening meal are served at the Taillard hotel.

Bring your own: Bed in this case. Camping options are available on both sides of the Doubs. Given the more restricted hotel accommodation available in this area, this can be an ideal solution for many of our guests. As with our other options, the evening meal is provided in the Taillard!

Free parking is available at both hotels for the duration of our holiday.


Our 3 Tour Groups

We ride in three groups organized according to speed and ability. Each group is led by an experienced guide. Participants should have some experience of riding in a group.
Both sides of the Doubs river offer excellent roads, perfect for road cycling tours.
The Sportivo group usually rides the longest tour at the fastest pace. This group takes fewer breaks and offers opportunities to take part in some friendly races in addition to appreciating the scenery.
This group climbs between 850 and 1000 vertical meters an hour.

The Turismo group also rides the long tour or an appropriately shortened “medium” distance.
This group usually rides at a medium pace and climbs between 650 and 850 vertical meters an hour.

The Rilassato group takes things more easily. The group rides at a pace that is achievable for everyone and takes more frequent breaks. A lunch stop at a restaurant is a feature rather than an exception.
This group climbs between 500 and 650 vertical meters an hour.

Make sure you find the right group for you. Our cycling holidays are a group holiday and not a competition. Everyone rides at their own pace when climbing and descending and we wait until the group is back together. Otherwise, we ride side-by-side if traffic allows or single file. The guide usually brings up the rear when climbing or ascending. Since the guide has the necessary spares and first aid supplies, this means they are never far away should their services be required. If you feel unwell or exhausted during a tour, let our guides know and we will find the right solution for you.

Our Tours and Schedule

Since we do not have an entire day available for cycling on the travel days, we ride shorter tours of between 60 and 80km on these days. On Friday and Saturday, we ride between 100 and 140km with between 1800 and 3000 vertical meters.

The landscape is defined by the Doubs river, which is carved deep into the limestone mountains. This versatile and unconventional river offers us numerous tour options, which can easily be extended or shortened as required. The Swiss side of the river has longer and steeper climbs of between 400 and 500 vertical meters, which are complemented by the shorter climbs in the Franche-Comté plateau. The star of the show is of course the Col du Chasseral, whose radio mast is visible from miles around and is found at 1600 meters above sea level.

Our holiday starts on Thursday and on this day we ride a half-day tour starting at 12pm. Since Goumois does not have many restaurants, it is a good idea to stop en route or bring food with you so you are ready to ride at 12.
We have planned two full-day tours for the Friday and Saturday.
We start early on Sunday and aim to be back at 2pm to facilitate a departure by 3pm.